First things first – since this blog post lands on Mother’s Day, I’d like to wish each and every mom out there a happy mother’s day.  <3

Happy Mothers Day Minneapolis

April was a busy month … which seems to be the norm now days.  It was a month filled with the ordinary things: work, school, homework, laundry, taekwondo and the list goes on… but we made sure to take time and smell the roses  (or in this case, hydrangeas).  This month, I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to forego captions and let the pictures do the talkin’.

Hydrangea in Hand

Hydrangea & Baby

My Princess Sofia


Side note: these hydrangeas are still alive and well in my vase.  They’ve survived more than three weeks – I change the water every few days…  add a cap full of bleach, and a teaspoon of sugar.  I read somewhere that the bleach prevents mildew growth and the sugar provides energy for the blooms.  I’m not sure if there’s any truth to it, but it seems to work.

Little Cowboy


 Laundry Washing Line Love

Sisters & Their Secrets

Puddle Walking

 Old School


Thanks so much for reading!  This post is part of an 11 on 11 project that I’m part of this year with a group of talented photographers from around the country: Brooke Schmoe (FL)Marie Sant (UT),Sara Kaleho (MN)Brandi Tejeda (CO)Kelly Sweda (CA).

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