It’s March 11th!  And that means another ’11 on 11′ post of photos from the last 30 days.  This ’11 on 11′ project is a fun way for me to mix up my normal routine of website design, school work and mama duties.

Last month was (a bit) brutal… actually, this whole winter has been brutal.  Do you fellow Minnesotans realize we had more than 50 days of temps that fell below zero?  Craziness.  Needless to say, cabin fever set in over here.  The kids scaled the walls and climbed the curtains, and in the meantime, I experimented with my camera…

Lately, Asher has been exploring various ways to eat his food (why use a spoon when it’s unnecessary?)


 Then again… a spoon isn’t so bad.



 {playing with shadows} | Nap time – delayed slightly by the friendly polar bear.



 Mikhail is enjoying his last year at home.  We had kindergarten round up last week.  He’s excited, and I’m sad my lil guy is already off to school.  Well, ok.  Not quite yet.  But still…  Wahhh! 🙁



The highlight of last month was most definitely our visit to the Ice Caves at the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.  The caves are accessed by walking  1,5 miles on the frozen surface of Lake Superior.  Seldom does the lake fully freeze, so the caves aren’t accessible every year.   More than 76,000 people have flocked to the spot since Jan. 15, when the caves ‘opened’ for visitors.  The ice formations are spectacular.

 Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Frozen Lake Superior


Lake Superior Ice Caves

Icicles, Lake Superior

Apostle Islands, Lake Superior

Apostle Islands Ice Caves


 My mom was such a good sport – when I asked if she wanted to do the 4 hour drive to check out the ice caves, she cleared her schedule to come with me.  Here she is, checking out the gorgeous ice formations.  { i heart her }



 If you look closely, you can see the ‘steam’ effect of melting snow and ice.

Ice formation, Lake Superior


Apostle Islands Ice Caves

Eskimo on Lake Superior

Thanks so much for reading!  Like I mentioned earlier, this post is part of an 11 on 11 project that I’m part of this year with a group of talented photographers from around the country: Brooke Schmoe (FL)Marie Sant (UT),Sara Kaleho (MN)Brandi Tejeda (CO)Kelly Sweda (CA).

We link to each other to create a blog circle; so please follow along and check out Brandi’s post!  I love Brandi’s style, she captures heartwarming moments of her kids that will make you melt.  Her work is just beautiful.