How to Market Mental Health Services

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy

Companies providing outpatient or residential care to patients in need of treatment for addiction or mental health issues are expected to experience significant growth in 2014 and beyond, due to increased public awareness of treatment benefits and increased government funding due to the shifting political landscape.

Marketing Strategy

Increasing revenues for your facility providing Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services involves the execution of two primary strategies:

Promoting a positive local image – The facility must be involved with community service activities and educating the public on mental health and substance abuse treatments.  Showcasing community service activities through the company website and other online marketing efforts allows the facility to gain credibility with public officials and representatives from area hospitals and clinics.

Gaining referrals – The facility promotes its specialty services by providing program information to local hospitals and clinics.  Some facilities may even have “sales representatives” to promote the facility to particular industries and hospitals.  Through optimization of the facility website and creation of online “Public Relations” campaigns the facility builds brand recognition with the important decision makers who have the ability to refer patients.

Establishing Authority with Google

Google and Bing don’t promote websites with inconsistent data.  By distributing data about your facility across the web, search engines will make your website rank #1 when somebody searches: “Inpatient Substance Abuse Care Minneapolis” for example.

Gaining Authority in the Industry

Become a service to people in your industry.  Timely news and information makes your facility look good.  The goal is not necessarily to write something everybody in your industry finds interesting, but rather to provide information that somebody in the mental health industry might find worthwhile.  When your website contains useful information, it gains website traffic and more importantly, it gains the attention of the medical doctors and administrators that can send patients to your facility.  If you don’t have staff members with the time or capability to produce quality content, hire a professional firm that understands how well-written content builds website authority.

Optimizing your business for local search and building authority for your mental health facility can be attained by following the steps above.  Contact Sanna to discuss marketing your mental health facility.