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Colors. Inspired by nature.

I spent much of the afternoon absorbed in color.  Our client, Wilkerson & Hegna P.L.L.P, a Minneapolis law firm came to Benet, Inc. looking to rebrand (new logo, color palette, redesign of their website, etc.) We’re knee deep in the logo design process… at the stage where the new color palette needs to be defined….

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Marketing Mental Health Services

How to Market Mental Health Services Companies providing outpatient or residential care to patients in need of treatment for addiction or mental health issues are expected to experience significant growth in 2014 and beyond, due to increased public awareness of treatment benefits and increased government funding due to the shifting political landscape. Marketing Strategy Increasing…

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Small Business Marketing Online

Image via Wikipedia Search engine rankings Search engines have changed small business, by gathering important data about the products and services people are trying to buy.  In the previous fifty years this important data was only available to large corporations who could afford to spend millions on surveys and focus groups.  Small business owners were…

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