Free Google Adwords

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Each time a prospective customer clicks on a Google Adword – they go to a website.  Your website? Or, your competitor’s website?  The choice is yours…   Assuming you want to drive Adword traffic to your business website, here are some tips on getting the most bang for the buck:

Tips on using your Free Adwords:

1. When someone clicks on a pay per click adwordmake it obvious, that they’re on the right website. When a person is clicking through to your website from a pay per click adword – they’re in a hurry – help them immediately!

2. Don’t overpay for Adwords. Google will charge you more for advertising than your competitor if you don’t follow the rules. Basically, keep a high quality score and you will get the lowest prices for your Adwords. Sound complicated? Don’t worry. It’s not. We do this every day.

3. Testing is easy with Google Adwords. By the time your customers have clicked through $100 in Adwords, we’ll know what ad copy is working, what search terms are adding up to new sales for your business and how much to bid on great Adwords.

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