It was one of those late summer days… you know the kind- hot & humid, where the slightest breeze feels good and shade is your friend.  We were in Northfield – a small college town south of Minneapolis.  I left my camera in the car, thinking I wouldn’t need it.  I know, I know.  Big mistake.   We browsed the shops and checked things out.  It wasn’t long until Nate and the kids almost melted from the heat – so they had to get ice cream.  I don’t like ice cream.  Never have, not even as a kid.  I know, I’m odd.  What can I say?  It gives me a cold headache, and the sweet, richness doesn’t sit well with my tummy.  So instead, I photograph my kids & hubby eating it.  Except, remember?  My camera was in the car.  #darnit  So I used my phone.  Thank goodness for phone cameras.  How did we survive before they were invented?  Honestly.  I don’t know.

Anyway.  Asher got a ‘small’ strawberry cone.  It was only half the size of his face.  Good thing we didn’t order a regular sized cone.  After getting the ice cream, we walked across the street and sat on the sidewalk in front of the First National Bank of Northfield (which happens to be the bank that Jesse James and his posse famously robbed in 1876… long story short, but the robbery went awry.  During the heist, the citizens retaliated which ultimately led to the demise of Jesse and his gang).

Back to Asher and his cone…  By this time, the ants on the sidewalk had taken notice of the rain drops of melted pink ice cream falling all around them, and had started to mingle near Asher.  He was oblivious.  Of course.  What could be more important than getting all of the ice cream in his belly ASAP?




Do your ice cream cones ever get soggy?  Cuz’ Asher’s do.  He doesn’t mind though.   He eats a soggy cone with the same enthusiasm he started with.  Also, I love baby bellies.  And lets just ignore that ‘technically’ Asher is not a baby anymore…





In case you ever get bored eating your ice cream cone in the traditional way – there’s always this option:  Set the cone down and dip your finger.  Works like a charm.  Licking your fingers helps to build your immune system.   This method also guarantees the ice cream cone to last longer (Note: you will have a puddle-in-a-cone after a while… it’s all part of the alternative eating experience.)  Having someone occasionally wipe your fingers and face with a napkin is a nice feature you may want to consider… might be hard to find though.


I’m pretty sure it’s a fact that everything is better with your brother.   brothers





Moral of the story?  Don’t leave your camera in the car.  But if you do, make sure to have your phone.  Secondly, if you get super sticky eating ice cream?  No worries.  At least you’ll smell sweet.  And finally, if you’re a gang of bank robbers?  Maybe stay clear of MN.  The last crew of 8 gun-totin’ good-for-nothins were taken out in 7 minutes by a group of citizens in Northfield… so much for Minnesota nice.