Delete.  Delete.  Delete.

There goes the paragraph I spent the last 20 minutes writing.  And let me tell ya, it was satisfying to obliterate the whole dorky, cliche string of words.

Sometimes it’s difficult to convey what’s on my mind…  I have these feelings and thoughts swirling inside, and when it’s time to articulate into words – everything darts away faster than I can blink.  You would assume it’s easy to just write it out – after all, there are 1,022,000 words in the English language (I didn’t know that until now – google is my friend).  But it’s not easy!

[Interruption]  “Achoo!  Achoo!”  Asher was *just* sitting on the rug near my feet playing.  Now he’s sneezing and not in view.  And now it’s perfectly quiet.  Too quiet.  You other moms know what I’m talking about.  The ‘uh-oh, what’s he up to’ type of quiet.

I found him in the kitchen ‘baking’ or something.  Experimenting?  Lets call it ‘learning’ … because other than the giant mess, he was developing his fine motor skills.

Here’s a picture for you.

And yes.  I even coordinate the kids outfits to match the Christmas colors at this time of year.  (Confession:  that was a lie.  Our laundry mountain is outta control, and these clothes were the first thing I found).


Back to my blog.

I’m going to eliminate all cheese-factor, yeah-yeah-yeah piffle, and cut to the chase.  Here’s the bullet point version of what I was trying to say with eloquence and finesse:

  • 12 months ago I joined a blog circle called ’11 on 11′.  If you want to read the whole spiel, click here.  Time flies, and here we are – at the final installment for 11 on 11.
  • The other ladies in the circle are rad.  Photography aside, they really are.  They also kept me on schedule, and as a procrastinator extraordinaire, that’s saying something.
  • This blog includes pictures of my oldest daughter Kate- who just turned 10.  HOLY COW.  10.  I still can’t believe it.  [Insert all mushy mom emotions here.]   I want to squish her into a capsule or something where time stops.  Stop growing Kate!  Stoooop. *tear drop*
  • Next year, I’m starting a new blog – a place where I’ll share our travels and more general nonsense.  And of course pictures.  Basically, it’s a  place where I don’t feel like I’m hijacking my business website to post the fun stuff.  So stay tuned for that!!
  • Last, but not least.  Thanks guys- for reading my blog and for all the encouragement you sent my way… even if it was a kind comment strictly out of obligation (ahem. mom)… I truly, truly appreciate it.  xx
    (p.s. for those of you that don’t know – ‘x’ refers to hugs – you know the whole ‘xo’ thing?  X = hug, O = kiss.  I had to clarify because my Editor in Chief, aka hubby, tried to edit those x’s right out of this post. No way, josè.  The x’s stay.  In fact…. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


























A special hug to my cousin Elisa.  She came to stay with us from Finland, for 6 months.  We adore her, and will miss her so much when she goes home.  She’s been so much fun to have around!  FinnishGirlTrees





That’s it!  The photos for my last 11 on 11 post.  I hope you enjoyed!  And now, here’s my call to action: Follow the blog circle and go read  Brandi’s post!

The 11 on 11 participants included: