Website Design & DevelopmentBusiness takes priority over technology. People are more important than code.

The web is an opportunity or a threat to business. The opportunity is increased productivity. The threat is falling behind, as strong competitors expand into the market and adopt best practices. Business managers need a website to increase exposure and improve communication. Make your website a competitive advantage.

Our expert web development is only the tool. The ultimate priority is our client’s defined business objective.  We analyze your business and define tactics.  We include multiple free designs, to ensure your satisfaction.  Then we build an integrated website that supports and enhances business performance.

Content Management Systems

On the back-end, we unsure you have the tools you need to keep the website up to date,  leaving the control in your hands.  We install and integrate an appropriate Content Management System (CMS) to ensure your site has the ability to stay current.  Our favorites are Drupal, Expression Engine, WordPress, Concrete5, and for eCommerce sites – Magento.

  • The CMS’s are easy to use.  If you’re not comfortable, our training and support makes them even easier.
  • Since the CMS’s are hosted with your website, you can access and edit your website from any device with internet connection.
  • We ensure the CMS installed is flexible and scalable; meeting the needs of your business.

By utilizing a CMS, you and your staff can quickly and easily edit and modify text, images, links, pages, products, and much more.  Get in touch if you’d like to learn how a CMS can change your website into a powerful marketing tool.