Internet MarketingWhat Your Business is Doing on the Internet and Why?

What are social media tools?  What is white-hat SEO?  First, let’s clear up the mystery.  The basic foundation of internet marketing is providing value to prospects and customers.  But then why do many business owners fail to get results online?  The answer is flawed strategy and reliance on gimmicky seo tactics (black-hat SEO).  Driving traffic and increasing the conversion rate is the result of well-developed strategy and useful content.

For each customer, we first define key performance indicators (KPI).  These metrics measure the success of campaign tactics such as: building quality links to your website, creating pay per click traffic and optimizing for search engines.  To the extent tactics generate positive results (as measured by KPIs) and support your company’s online strategy, the marketing budget is re-allocated.  Strategic success is determined by driving traffic, developing leads and converting leads to sales.