Branding & IdentityNo brand, no identity, means bland.

The importance of a brand (or corporate identity) has been steadily increasing for years. In the beginning, a “brand” simply stated which cattle herd a cow belonged to. In more recent years, large corporations invested heavily to brand a certain image in the minds of customers. Today, due to the internet, businesses are investing in their brand, because an unlimited number of prospective customers can quickly view and analyze that brand every day. Do they remember your business? What do they remember? Do they want more information? These variables can be controlled through design and consistency across logos, brochures, folders, business cards, websites, ads, inserts, mailings and other corporate literature.

We recommend against hiring the marketing manager’s son-in-law. This is the face of your business to the world. Graphic design requires both insight into your business and creative spark. First, we make recommendations on your existing marketing materials. Then, we start fresh, interviewing managers to understand the unique value proposition our client offers to their customers. After developing deep, fundamental insight into your business we create the marketing collateral and document our findings for any future development needs.