I had a crash course in trademark law over the past few weeks. Here’s what I learned:

It’s not good to be in the ‘gray area’ of infringement (even unknowingly or accidentally) on a registered trademark. Failure to protect your brand can lead to receiving a cease and desist letter, which in turn can lead to a rebrand. And here we are. Introducing… Benet, Inc.

The name was chosen to represent our tagline: “Be Online. Your Customers Are”. We shortened the phrase ‘be on the internet’ to ‘Be + Net’ = Benet. Wah-la! A name was chosen and a company rebranded.

We are still working on the new Benet logomark. Please stay tuned to our blog or Facebook and Twitter stream for more!

Summing it Up:

A word to the wise; protect your company brand before it’s too late.

I assure you that the rebrand from Aristotle to Benet Inc. will not affect our devotion to serving our clients. We will continue having fun and loving our jobs while providing top-shelf website design, development, and internet marketing. If you’d like to know more about my trademark journey, please get in touch.