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Mixing Things up With Cauliflower-Crust Pizza

I’m deviating from the usual blog post on internet marketing, content and design to instead share a recipe for yummy cauliflower-crust pizza. It sounds a bit weird, I know.  But it is delicious, and has a couple of other perks as well (gluten-free, low-carb, easy to make). The flavor is surprisingly pizza-like, but with an…

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Small Business Marketing Online

Image via Wikipedia Search engine rankings Search engines have changed small business, by gathering important data about the products and services people are trying to buy.  In the previous fifty years this important data was only available to large corporations who could afford to spend millions on surveys and focus groups.  Small business owners were…

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Navigating the Internet Marketing Landscape

Small business owners know they should be “doing something” to grow their business on the world wide web.  This post provides a big picture snapshot, clarifying the mystery of online marketing.  So you already have a website?  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that’s a good start.  In fact, depending on how bad the website is (more than 5 years old means it probably…

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